Children and Legislators

In the past several organisations and individuals have talked about the need for lobbying with the legislators on raising burning issues, both blatantly visible and also hundreds of invisible issues related to children in the house. But, so far no concrete effort has been done in this regard. The biggest handicap is that no systematic effort has been done to review the questions and debates conducted in both the Legislative Assembly and the Council.

The objectives of question hour analysis are as follows:

  • To obtain information on the number of child centered questions raised in the legislature, the number of questions on child-related issues, types of questions and answers and the period during which these questions were raised.
  • To understand whether there is child rights perspective in the questions raised and discussions held in the Vidhana Sabha and Parishat sessions.
  • To develop an advocacy tool to lobby for Child rights issues.
  • To persuade political parties to fulfil child rights issue-based promises that were incorporated in the manifestos of various political parties.
  • To make sure that the objective questions related to children continue to be raised in both the houses of the legislature.