Children and Legislators

Legislators are meant to be raising pertinent issues of the constituencies they represent and this includes issues related to children. KCRO engages with legislators to bring children’s issues to their notice and ensure they are raised in the floors of the Assembly.

Legislators Forum

KCRO introduced a novel initiative ‘Legislators Forum for Child Rights’, first of its kind in the country.The Forum meets before assembly discussions commence and decides on issues relating to children that need to be debated and focussed on in the assembly.

Two meetings have been held where issues like State Plan of Action and Child Labour were taken up as focus issues.

Future Plans

  • The speakers of both houses of assembly have agreed to a one day discussion on child rights.
  • The practical realisation of this in the forthcoming assembly discussion will be a first in the country.
  • Instituting a child rights desk at Vidhana Soudha with information on the status of children in the state and its various districts. This is another attempt towards bringing children’s issues closer to the corridors of power.

Question Hour Analysis

‘Are There Children in Vidhana Soudha?’ is a yearly publication brought out by KCRO and UNICEF providing a comprehensive analysis of the questions related to children brought up by legislators during the Question Hour. A party-wise, district-wise, constituency-wise and department-wise breakup of the no. of questions raised and type of issues discussed can be found in this publication.
This Question Hour Analysis is an ongoing task of KCRO. The demanding task includes:

  • Collecting documentation of question hour discussions of each day from Vidhana Soudha.
  • Data entry of all questions raised and the corresponding answers (even those not related to children).
  • Filtering those related to children and sorting them department-wise.
  • Analysis of this data.
  • This data forms the basis of the publication: ‘Are there Children in Vidhana Soudha?’


This yearly publication has helped a great deal in bringing the attention of the legislators to the need for adequate representation of children’s issues during Question Hour and discussions. It also serves as a constant monitoring and accountability tool to measure all legislators’ performance vis-a-vis the children of the state.

The copies will be available at CRT office.