Posters are a direct way of communicating with people. KCRO is involved in developing posters to deliver child rights messages to the target group to contribute and join their hands in upholding the rights of the children. KCRO made use of posters in the following three ways
1. To spread the essence of child rights:
In order to give message to the target audience we created posters with motivational taglines and displayed it in public places, colleges, universities, markets e.g.: our posters which gave messages on Anti-child Marriages.
2. To promote an event:
The printed materials provided us valuable people to contribute more in the field of child rights and brought in various students, journalists and general public to join their hands for child rights and also KCRO. These types of posters were developed and disseminated for media fellowship and essay competitions under the banner of KCRO.
3. To support a cause:
During the process of pre-election advocacy, the posters which were developed “Listen to our voice, Vote for our Rights” was a great hit and motivated several people to join the cause and said we stand together for rights. Slogans, messages and demands of children from various districts of Karnataka popularized the posters which are very well-designed and bifurcated in to four indivisible rights of children (survival, protection, development and participation). Posters carrying the demands of children are developed during every election that takes place in Karnataka e.g… Grama Panchayat elections, BBMP Elections, M.L.A elections, M.P Elections etc.
Posters are playing a very significant role in disseminating child rights information which is informing people about the aims, objectives, purpose and in-turn is attracting people to generate awareness among self, families and in communities.