It is a well known fact that economic growth is crucial to the development of any nation and children of the nation being vulnerable are more sensitive to the economic changes. The survival, development, protection and participation of the children therefore become the corner stone of a long term economic prosperity of the State.

Government of Karnataka had formulated several plan of actions related to children. Several targets are set to be met with respect to children, policies and programmes are in place for ensuring survival, improving health conditions, reducing malnutrition, achieving universal education, providing greater protection to all children etc. But still some of the prime indicators remain stagnant or in a few areas the situation of children is worsening.

Analysis of the Karnataka state budget on allocations for children’s issues that will help in taking up advocacy for higher or adequate allocations in the key social sectors. KCRO has taken up a small exercise on child-centered budget analysis of the Karnataka state budget and has used the same during election advocacy and critiquing five year plans, SPAC, alternate reports. In the process KCRO has developed a methodology and is also learning from experiences of other NGOs taking up similar exercises in other states. Experience and expertise on general budget analysis by other groups in the state will be made use of in the process. The outcome of the same will be published for the use of NGOs, people’s representatives, media and academic institutions.

Since 2005 KCRO is looking at the efficacy of the state programmes and projects related to children, budgetary allocations for these programmes and effective utilization of allocated budget as well service delivery. A detailed budgetary assessment empowers civil society and helps child rights groups to build policy, capacity and enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery.