KCRO, an advocacy forum for the advancement of child rights in karnataka, is run by a consortium of NGOs, academics and individuals working in the field. It was set up as an omnibus project with a number of sub-projects that together converge to provide:

  • Evidence based advocacy
  • Working with key stakeholders
  • Working with media

The first meeting of KCRO, held in 2008, was attended by a large number of civil society organizations (NGOs, academia and concerned individuals) and was inaugurated by the secretary, DWCD, Gok in the presence of senior UNICEF officials from Hydarabad. It was decided at the meeting that Child Rights Trust(CRT) would be the Secretariat. An Advisory Committee comprising of senior members of KCRO and development stalwarts was formed soon after the first meeting to guide KCRO in its planing, monitoring and reviewing. The advisory committee members also bring to the notice of KCRO new developments, ideas and future paths related to child rights.